:: About International Golf Club ::


International golf club features beautiful scenery through a year and offers an enjoyable golfing experience for both beginner and advanced golfers.

Hole #1 - 361 yards, par 4:
An excellent warm up hole. A par 4 straight away with a left side bunker waiting at 200 yards from the forest tees. The double bunkered green gives the player a fair chance to work out the kinks. Beware the canal to the right.
Hole 2 Hole #2 - 525 yards, par 5:
This hole plays long. The hole plays to a wide fairway but the green is protected in the front by the jaws of a sand bunker. No bump and run here.
Hole 3 Hole #3 - 355 yards, par 4:
Straight away par 4 with fairway bunkers to catch errant drives. Iron accuracy is necessary into this small green that will test your putting skills.

Hole 4 Hole #4 - 160 yards, par 3:
The first par 3, deep bunkers ready to grab any missed drives and heavy tree line on both sides. Play this hole long.
Hole 5 Hole #5 - 535 yards, par 5:
Par 5 with a rolling fairway and two sets of sand bunkers standing like the Colossus of Rhodes to protect the approach to the highly elevated slopping green. Iron shots to the green need to be carefully considered.
Hole 6 Hole #6 - 378 yards, par 4:
Beware, a strong dog leg left. An elevated bunker and pines guard the corner with hidden water running along the approach and the green.
Hole 7 Hole #7 - 335 yards, par 4:
Dog leg left. The fairway guarded by bunkers and trees. A failed drive may place you in trouble. The green is protected by a six-foot deep bunker between the fairway and the elevated green.
Hole 8 Hole #8 - 138 yards, par 3:
The left protected by a hill of heavy rough and the green sits beside a hungry pond. The three sand bunkers are waiting for your approach.
Hole 9 Hole #9 - 382 yards, par 4:
A slight dog leg par 4 with a massive ancient oak forcing you to make a good drive. The green has a hidden deep rough bunker, beware.
Hole 10 Hole #10 - 406 yards, par 4:
The tee has water to the right and the green has water to the left and behind on this sloping par 4.
Hole 11 Hole #11 - 566 yards, par 5:
This par 5 has water to the right of the tee which ends in dense tree line that runs the rolling fairway to the 150 yards before the green. However, the water reappears on the right and runs beside and behind the green. The willows surrounding the green makes this the alligators' favorite hole.
Hole 12 Hole #12 - 373 yards, par 4:
This par 4 is a light dog leg with heavy vegetation to the left and water and swamp to the right. By the way, the green is hidden from the tee.
Hole 13 Hole #13 - 489 yards, par 5:
This par 5 has dense woods on the left and to the right. Sand bunkers await those who can avoid the dense rough. The deep bunker will make sure you fly the ball to the green where surprises await you.
Hole 14 Hole #14 - 405 yards, par 4:
The fairway falls away at 100 yards to a hidden green. You need faith that the green is out there from the tee. The fairway may be wide but be aware of the woods and the underbrush.
Hole 15 Hole #15 - 180 yards, par 3:
This 180 yard par 3 is tricky off the tee to a large green. If you can drive through the gap, then it becomes your putter's job to handle the two tiered green.
Hole 16 Hole #16 - 401 yards, par 4:
It is a slight dog leg right on this 400 yard par 4. It is trickier than it appears with a right side bunker starting at 200 yards and the left of the green is tree protected.
Hole 17 Hole #17 - 164 yards, par 3:
The final par 3. You will be looking down at the green protected on 2 sides with woods. Left or right of the green is dangerous. Playing short has a major problem also.
Hole 18 Hole #18 - 427 yards, par 4:
The finishing hole has you shooting down a passageway of trees. The slight dog leg can make this 427 yard par 4 a test of accuracy and planning. You definitely do not want to go long on the green. There is a canal to the right of the green.